The Genius Habit: How One Habit Can Radically Change Your Work And Your Life


A remarkable new guide to finding your Zone of Genius, spending more time being fulfilled and engaged at work, and jump-starting the career of your dreams.


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Laura Garnett has written a powerful guide to finding and sustaining success and joy in your work. She has helped me and many other people get in touch with our essence and our unique gifts, and coached us on how to live and work in that zone for an ever-growing proportion of our lives. The results are nothing short of astounding on all fronts. Life can hold so much more satisfaction and delight than we can imagine, and this book shows us how to unlock that.
— Raj Sisodia, co-founder and Chairman Emeritus of Conscious Capitalism International


Maybe you're a young professional just starting to think seriously about what you want out of your career. Maybe you've been job hopping for a few years and haven't found the perfect fit. Or maybe you want to launch your career to a new level and bring fresh energy to your work. In The Genius Habit, performance strategist Laura Garnett shows you how the path to finding long-lasting professional happiness starts with building the habit that makes extraordinary accomplishment all but guaranteed, as well as:

  • The difference between passion and purpose and why one matters more than the other

  • How to stop equating achievements with happiness

  • Why having a mentor is not a necessity for career success

  • The benefits of continually fine-tuning your career so you are challenged and fulfilled every day

Combining the most recent and exciting research on productivity and performance with Laura's experience guiding dozens of high-level clients to the heights of success, The Genius Habit is a must-read for anyone who believes that work can and should be one of the most rewarding aspects of life.






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Loving your job and career shouldn’t feel like a struggle. Instead, it should be about finding and harnessing your true greatness. In The Genius Habit, Laura Garnett shows you exactly how to do this while inspiring and helping others along the way.
— Dorie Clark, author of Entrepreneurial You and Stand Out
Laura Garnett’s genius is that she not only understands that careers are non-linear, but she provides the GPS to discovering your purpose and your genius, which will unlock your gifts and make work an inspiring journey.
— David S. Kidder, co-founder and CEO of Bionic and New York Times bestselling author of The Intellectual Devotional and The Startup Playbook
There is a genius hiding in all of us and if you haven’t found yours, you are probably dreading every Monday morning drive to work. Most of us go a lifetime searching for joy at work. Finding your genius is the key. It turns out there is a genius habit you can develop and Laura Garnett shows us how. In following her timeless advice we can get to the joy we always dreamed was possible and become the person we were destined to be.
— Rich Sheridan, author of Joy, Inc. and Chief Joy Officer