Every year, people all over the world vow to take control of their careers—whether it's getting that amazing promotion, transferring to a more interesting department, or quitting their job altogether. In fact, a job-related goal is one of the top 5 New Year's resolutions Americans make.

This year, let's make it really happen. I want to make this easy for you, because everyone deserves to have a career they absolutely love. That's why I've cooked up this special offer. 

End-of-Year Zone of Genius® Reveal and Personalized Career Strategy 

Pin-pointing your Zone of Genius® is key to building a career you love and being truly engaged in your work. Your Zone of Genius is your unique genius plus your core purpose in life—everyone has one, but it's sometimes hard to discover it for yourself. 

In this two-session, 2.5-hour career strategy package, I'll help you reveal your Zone of Genius®, examine what's keeping you from work you love, and make a strategic plan of action towards a more ideal career. You'll leave our sessions with clarity around who you are in the working world, what you want, and how you're going to get there. 

You'll walk away with...

  • A complete Zone of Genius® report with clear language on what it is and how to communicate it to others
  • Game-changing insights on how your personality, genius, and purpose in life informs your career aspirations
  • Clear action steps on how to apply these insights to your current and future jobs

I typically charge $2500 for a package like this, but for a limited time only I'm offering it for just $1000

Interested? Email me at laura@lauragarnett.com to learn more! 

P.S. Hurry! Offer ends December 18th!