I am a performance strategist and motivational speaker.

But I’m really in the business of reminding people why they’re so immensely valuable — to their companies, to their colleagues, and to the people they want to lead and inspire.

My talks and workshops range from 20-minute TEDx presentations to full-day experiences, but no matter the format, my mission remains the same:

To help you and your team experience more impact, results, and fulfillment at work.

Simple. Efficient. Effective. And driven by facts and analysis — not guesswork.

I speak in a variety of formats and venues — corporate retreats, breakout sessions, in-house workshops, and conferences focusing on leadership, personal branding, and career development.  They are always interactive and filled with exercises that are part of the workshop or a take-away in a talk. I am also willing to customize a talk to cater to your team’s specific needs (You’ll find a sampling of my talks and workshops as a starting point below.)

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Past Speaking Engagements



"Laura presented at the Andesa Services Client Forum in September 2016, the theme of which was Find Your Voice (and inspire others to find theirs).  In the audience were senior-level staff from major insurance carriers and brokers from across the United States. Laura forced the audience to be very introspective and truthful to themselves in pinpointing their purpose. She is very good at getting to the heart of your “genius” and then challenging you to make sure you are using it on a daily basis. I would highly recommend Laura if you are looking for an inspirational, thought-provoking speaker that can uncover each audience member’s Genius Zone." Linda R. Ellison, Director of Client Management at Andesa Services

"Laura was hired to talk to a select set of leaders and emerging leaders from HCL. Personally, found the two hour workshop very valuable. Not only did she provok the thought of ‘Zone of Genius’ within each leader but also helped in introspecting other core leadership skills by citing case studies of known leaders. The session was interactive and discussions were personalized, even though this session was in a group. It is definitely a great privilege to recommend Laura as a coach, trainer and counsellor. Best of luck, Laura!!" —Rajesh Kachroo, Senior Sales Director at Strategic Media Accounts & Global Head of Education

“Laura radiates with energy and enthusiasm! Her confidence is contagious and her presence within a room is magnetizing. This stems from her personal discoveries and absolute ability to help others find their own personal “ah ha!” moments. The power of her special zone of genius exponentially expands as she guides people individually and in groups find their own unique zones of genius.” —Janice Dru, President of Inkwhy, Inc.

“Laura commanded the room when she spoke during the MBA Women International Conference in Boston this year.  Her session was very well received and the attendees were highly engrossed in the Genius Leadership topic. It was a fresh and dynamic concept that resonated with everyone. She presented with ease and we gladly welcome her back to speak at other engagements.” —Vakassia J Niles, MBA Conference Committee Chair & NYC Professional Chapter President

“Laura Garnett’s presentation on the Zone of Genius is engaging and a breath of fresh air. Her goal of helping others find jobs that allow them to live and work in their Zone of Genius embraces identifying your natural talent and ultimately finding significance in your work every day.” —Kimberly Shirk, Corporate Communications, Talent Plus, Inc.


Sample Talks and Workshops

Genius Performance: How to Realize Your Potential and Impact as a Leader

We each have a unique genius and reason for fulfillment—our Zone of Genius®. When we bring what we do best to our job, we take good performance and turn it into exceptional performance. This talk walks participants through the Zone of Genius® methodology. It includes discussions about key challenges that arise from the Zone of Genius® process as well as client stories that demonstrate how to overcome those challenges.

In this interactive workshop, I guide audiences through the complete Genius Habit — a process that usually costs thousands in my one-on-one consulting practice.

Participants will learn:

  • A new definition of genius and fulfillment and how it applies to performance.

  • How to improve business results and overall fulfillment.

  • How to use the Performance Tracker to immediately gain more insight into what is required to be engaged at work.

  • How to add more value to the organization and improve one’s impact with co-workers.

Speech Framework:

  • Overview of the Zone of Genius® definition, methodology and science.

  • A review of the 5 principles of operating in your zone of genius, including possible barriers and tips for overcoming them.

  • Overview of the Performance Tracker and how to incorporate it into your work-life.

Who it’s for: Teams, departments, emerging leaders, mid-level managers, and new executives. Includes a complimentary copy of the peer survey from my Genius Habit process.


Genius Performance Workshop: How to Realize Your Potential and Impact as a Leader

This workshop will dive deep into the Zone of Genius® methodology and the Performance Tracker tool. Each stage of the process contains in-depth exercises to help participants begin and own the process of re-aligning their habits with work. In addition, to help educate the group as a whole, Laura will conduct interactive, live coaching sessions with volunteers to pin-point their Zones of Genius®.

Participants will gain:

  • A new definition of genius and fulfillment and how it applies to their performance.

  • A practical guide for improving business results and overall fulfillment.

  • Progress (via the exercises) on initiating one’s Zone of Genius® in his/her work.

  • A Performance Tracker to immediately achieve more insight into what is required to be engaged at work.

  • A practical guide for adding more value to the organization and improving one’s impact with co-workers.

Workshop Framework:

  • An overview of the Zone of Genius® definition, methodology and science.

  • Review of the five principles for operating in your Zone of Genius®.

  • Break-out group exercises.

  • Performance Tracker review and discussion.

  • Live coaching with volunteers on identifying their Zones of Genius®.

  • Plan of action on how to begin using the Zone of Genius® at work and building the habit of managing ones own engagement.

Who it’s for: Teams, departments, emerging leaders, mid-level managers, and new executives. Includes a complimentary copy of the peer survey from my Genius Habit process.


Day Rate Option

Laura will spend the day on-site, pre and post speaking, and do follow-up sessions to support the participants’ integration of the material. This is highly customizable and can consist of the following:

  • Meeting with the executive team to share insights and thoughts on participants’ reception to the material.

  • Open office hours: participants can bring questions for private one-on-one time with Laura post workshop.

  • Meeting with executives to discuss key initiatives that can best support the participants in operating in their Zone of Genius® and creating outstanding performance.

Variations on Talk or Workshop Structure: The workshop or talk can be customized based on the particular needs of the audience, length of time, and core strategy of the organizer. In addition, the exercises can be customized for the participant’s needs. Laura is more than willing to make suggestions on innovative formats to ensure participants get the most out of the material.