I work with CEOsexecutives, and emerging leaders across the country, in a variety of industries, who want to proactively create more impact, results, and fulfillment for themselves and their teams.

 How? By guiding my clients through a simple, efficient formula for career satisfaction and success: 

The Zone of Genius® Assessment.

The Zone of Genius® Assessment is the backbone of everything I do — my keynote speeches, workshops, and private sessions.

The assessment, along with my personal analysis, helps you identify what your Zone of Genius® is (your innate talent and purpose), articulates this into a tangible, actionable leadership framework that allows you to communicate these unique abilities to others, and translates it all into a strategy that you can implement immediately — in your current career and beyond.

My one goal — to accelerate performance.

Through our work together, I can help you understand how other people experience the impact of what you do, where your natural gifts and talents reside, and what makes you such a valuable asset — to any team, any company.

Step into the Zone — and shift your whole perception.

Interested in learning more? Simply fill out my Peak Performance Questionnaire — a short self-evaluation that will help gauge how effective working with me can be for your career.

Ready to get started? I offer custom-tailored packages to CEOs, executives and emerging leaders.

The Zone of Genius® Assessment for CEOs, Executives, Emerging Leaders and Seasoned Entrepreneurs

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