It’s time to accelerate your performance and crack the code to career satisfaction and success.

What’s the single greatest determinant of a breakthrough career?

Knowing what work challenges and fulfills you and then proactively seeking it out again and again.

The key to knowing what challenges and fulfills you?

Pinpointing, owning and operating in your Zone of Genius®.

We all have a unique genius and purpose in life. And those who truly understand their strengths and their “why” are the ones who excel in their fields and are endlessly inspired.

Through Performance Strategy coaching, we’ll get clear on your individual approach to work and create a customized plan for success.

In our sessions we will:

  • Identify your unique genius and purpose—and how to better leverage them in your day-to-day operation

  • Strategize on how to best communicate your strengths to others

  • Understand how your past informs the development and presentation of your strengths

  • Learn how others experience the impact of your work

  • Focus on developing your thought-leadership framework

  • Create a working plan to take your career to the next level — without (necessarily) quitting your job, switching careers, or starting from scratch

  • Crack the code to peak performance with a customized performance tracker* where you can monitor your ability to tap into optimal performance and stay inspired and excited at work.

*The performance tracker is a proprietary tool that Laura developed that incorporates the latest psychology, social science and neuroscience of performance, synthesized into five core performance principles. The tracker helps individuals build a habit of maximizing their potential-building self-awareness and pro-actively managing their performance and career.

You’ll also receive a final report with all the information mentioned above as well as customized strategies mapped out so you can continue achieving success in your career.

Individual Packages

The Genius Habit Check-in: Fine tune your Zone of Genius® and upgrade your job and career vision.

The Genius Habit Check-in is for those who have read, "The Genius Habit" and are looking for more support. You did all of the exercises and want to discuss your insights and ideas with someone who can help you bring more of yourself to your job or job search. During this one hour session, I will refine the language for your Zone of Genius so it resonates and is user-friendly. I will also help you figure out if you're in the right job and help you strategize for your next career move while crystalizing your career vision. This session is meant to help catapult you from insight into action. If you're interested in booking one of these sessions, reach out to There is no consultation offered for this session.

Laura: $600

Performance Strategy Introductory Package 1

This package is for the individual who wants to take his or her performance to the next level. Throughout these four sessions, I will walk you through the process of discovering your Zone of Genius® and we will discuss in depth the impact you want to make in your workplace and industry. A strong understanding of your strengths will be used to develop a customized executive career strategy, where we’ll build out potential variations of role that are a good fit for who you are and the value you bring to the table.  

Laura: $5,500
Joy: $3,500

Performance Strategy Expert Package 2

This package is for individuals who want to create game-changing results for themselves and their career. They may need to make some key shifts, but their improved performance will impact their business results substantially. This package includes everything mentioned in the Introductory Package, plus additional sessions to offer ongoing in-depth support in executing the strategies developed, including working through any challenges that come up.

Laura: $9,000
Joy: $7,000


Meet the Performance Strategists

Laura Garnett: Since 2009, Laura has worked with hundreds of CEOs, executives, and emerging leaders across the country, in a variety of industries, to proactively create more impact, results, and fulfillment for themselves and their teams. Laura can help you understand how other people experience the impact of what you do, where your natural gifts and talents reside, and what makes you such a valuable asset — to any team, any company. Ready to get started? Contact Laura for a free consultation.

Joy Lin: Joy joined Garnett Consulting in July 2016 and works with younger professionals and future leaders to identify their Zone of Genius® and set themselves on the path to an amazing career. Joy specializes in helping clients discover alignment opportunities between what you love and purposeful work. She’s here to help you answer the question: “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Contact Joy for a free consultation.