Peak Performance Questionnaire

Are you leveraging your Zone of Genius® at work?

Answer Yes or No to the following questions:

  1. I have a clear vision on what my purpose is and how I can impact a company or a project.
  2. I love answering the question, “What kind of executive or leader are you”?
  3. I know that I am using my Zone of Genius® in my work and don’t doubt my ability to create the success I want.
  4. I love my job and feel proud to share my business card with prospective clients or customers.
  5. I see how my core strength is valuable to my company and team and I know how I can leverage that with more expansive roles and opportunities over time.
  6. I am getting promoted at a rate that is satisfactory to me
  7. I know what departments within my company that are chomping at the bit for what it is that I do best.
  8. I know what my customers or team think about my work and my results.
  9. I know how to describe my top skill in a way that gets me the responsibilities that I want.
  10. I am currently in my dream job.

Count the number of Yes’s and discover where you are!

9-10 Yes’s: You are a rock star. You know what makes you different and you are clear about how you impact your company. You have no doubts about what you want. It’s just about getting it done for you right now. You are creating the success you want and having a blast on the way. You know yourself and what it is you do that is better than everyone else. Congrats!

6-8 Yes’s: You are half way there. You feel pretty clear about what you like to do and what you are good at, yet there is something small missing. You may not be clear on your impact or you are in your zone of greatness, not genius. Things are going well in your job but you feel like it could be more fulfilling. A Zone of Genius® session just may be the final straw that could help you soar rather than coast.

3-5 Yes’s: You are in the midst of career transition. You are trying to do it alone and are struggling to get a sense of what it is that you do. You are not happy in your current role but not sure what your next step is. You are feeling stuck but are overwhelmed with all the options that are possible. You can keep plugging along on your own or you could get help. One session could give you the light bulb moment you have been seeking. The clarity will give you razor sharp clarity on what job is the one for you.

0-2 Yes’s: You are miserable. You feel stuck and you cringe when someone asks you what you do. You are so unclear it’s maddening. How could it be this hard to find or create a job that you love? You have had success but not the kind you want. You want to love going to work. You have big dreams but not knowing what you are best at is preventing you from moving forward. You need help and you need it fast. Reach out to me now. I have been there and I am a life rope. Results are guaranteed, so there is no risk; the real risk is staying where you are at.

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