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    Is your work meaningful?

    Are you experiencing peak performance?

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Most business leaders don’t realize that meaning and peak performance is within their control.
They often find themselves on cruise control when it comes to how they work. Not only are they unaware of their personal genius, but they’re far from leveraging it. Which results in a lot of wasted talent and potential.
That is where I step in.
Through our work together, peak performance becomes the norm, not an aspiration.

90,000 hours
That’s how much time you’re going to spend working, in your lifetime.

That’s how many Americans are currently unfulfilled by their work.

That’s a whole lot of wasted time — and wasted talent.

I’m here to change those statistics. Not with guesswork, but with hard data.

4 hours
That’s how much time I need to guide you through

a simple, efficient formula for career satisfaction:

The Zone of Genius Assessment
I’ll show you how to find a never-ending source of excitement as a leader —

not necessarily by quitting your job or switching careers, but by changing

the way you leverage your talents and inspire the people around you.

It all starts by discovering what you do better than anyone else, how you do it, and why.

So that you can become more than just a ‘manager’ or a ‘leader’ … but an industry legend.

Right now
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